Land Rover Lightweight



Some Lightweights were manufactured as a 'Winterised'  version. My Lightweight  was one of these. Winterised Lightweights were fitted with an 'Arctic Heater'  which was fed with water from the engine and the heat distributed to the windscreen and side windows via a ducting system. Some of the interior metalwork had insulation matting bonded to it. Externally there were cleats and fixings for blinds to cover the windscreen and door windows and a radiator 'muff'.
My Lightweight has had the Arctic heater removed but there are still signs of it having been fitted.

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 Water return
Water stop cock to heater
Hot water take off, two versions
Unusual 'rubberized' sheet with press stud fixing
Blanking plates where piping has been removed on my Lightweight Still remnants
Winterised sheeting cleats, note upper and lower positions of hooks on the grill
Original plan courtesy 'FULLTILT'
Series II Lightweight Radiator Muff
Note differences from plan: top metal 'hooks' are triangular. Bottom fabric panel is trapezium shape

Windscreen cover tying Cleats on this Lightweight
My Lightweight including holes for the removed 'door' Cleats


Many of the photos courtesy 'FULLTILT'