Land Rover Lightweight


This Section is inspired by discussions on the Ex-Military Land Rover Association's Forum. Many of the photos and much of the information comes from there, so thanks to all for the info and photos, especially 'FULLTILT'
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Series 2A seatbase
These show the drivers & passenger seat bases , note opposite hands of the location angles for fitting to seat-base.
These show the centre seat position , note the angles are spaced at a narrower dimension for the seat-base.
Military Seat back 
My Lightweight (Winterised) Seats
The centre seat and back was not original as the Winterised Heater Unit was originally mounted there
The seat base is original as the rivets go through the insulation
Again an original seat base but welded runners with again the rivets through the insulation
I don't think any of the seat squabs are military as they have chipboard bases not ply
  Series 3 Seatbase