Land Rover Lightweight


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Side Light Assembly FV817224
  Mounting Ring
Bulb holder and connections
Rubber mounting boot
'Waterproof' cable inlet
Brake/tail light assembly. Note reflector in lens
    576203 LR
Double contact holder/connector
Recently found pair of Side Lights. Unusual to find'Lucas L594' bulb holder in one of them. Note, whilst basically the same as the normal ones, the bulb holder is not recessed and the bulb sits closer to the Lens.

FV760732 Stop/Tail
FV760733 Turnlight Rear
FV760734 Turnlight Front
FV817224 Side Light
FV861059 Tail Light
FV939003 Fog Lamp
FV939004 Reversing Lamp


There are two types of Turnlight lenses. They are marked FRONT and REAR.
My Lightweight had them swapped front to back!
FV760734 Front   FV760733 Rear
The Lens pattern is different.
The REAR one being more 'defined'
They both have reflectors
Reversing Lamp
This looks like a Side Light Lens but includes a reflector
Fog Lamp
This late model bulb holder does not have anything engraved on it