Land Rover Lightweight

Clansman Radios
in a 12v GS Lightweight (like mine)
Would have probably been a PRC-351/2 (Manpack) mounted on Dexion Racking going across behind the seats and a wing mounted unit and aerial.

Description of the 351/2

PRC-351/2 Operating Manual

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'352 Manpack'   351 with GS Carrier
'Frame, Packboard Mk3'
SURF Unit Hand Generator
PRC 351   PRC 351
The PRC 352
The 20W Amplifier with 3 switched frequency bands also Off and Test positions
352 mounted on 'Plate, Adaptor, Carrier'
28V DCCU charger with 4 pin battery lead and 2 pin DC input lead
Clansman Headset: one earpiece was removable to enable the operator to hear the radio and the ambient sounds.
  14v DCCU Charger  

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