Land Rover Lightweight

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Circuit Diagrams

Wiring Diagram Headlamp Wiring IR Wiring
Hella Relay Hazard Warning
Relays Aux. Relay IR Relay

12V Flasher Unit 24V Flasher 12/24V Flasher

Wiring behind Instrument Panel

Wiring behind Lighting Switch
Fuel cut-off solenoid

Service Brake Check Relay behind LH blank panel  Fog Relay Wiring

Left is IR Relay LUCAS 6RA RELAY No1 MK3
Right is Aux Relay

Rear Loom IR Switch removed IR Switch with guard
Early Brake Test and Fog Light switches and indicators. Test button just checks the bulb is working!
Later, circa 1983, set up. Lower indicator has the legend 'REAR GUARD', upper indicator 'BRAKE' Wash/Wipe Switch
Wiper wiring and self parking Wiper Motor connector block
Series 2A, Rover 1, 12v Circuit Diagram Series 2A, Rover 1, 24v Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagrams