Land Rover Lightweight


The latest rim that has been fitted to the Defender 2005 on, is the RRC503600PM a  5.1/2" J x 16 it looks very similar to the conventional well base but has the bead hump (safety bead) and is marked on the periphery "TUBELESS".
It is a modern rim that you would have to take a close look at to see the bead edge with a tyre fitted.  It maintains the Series looks but uses the best modern rim section for a tubeless tyre

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Stamped on the rim
'RRC507400XXX  51/2J X16 X33 TUBELESS  MW TO 27 08 R'
'MADE IN ITALY 1011119  3 E 9 2 3 3 9 0
 2 X bead humps (safety beads)

RRC507400XXX and RRC503600PM seem to be the same!

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