Land Rover Lightweight

Lightweight Rebuild

This is a section of photographs of a fantastic Lightweight re-build undertaken by Jeff Case, East Granby, Connecticut USA.
It shows some of the restored/refurbished/new items that went into the rebuild. A separate page shows the overall rebuild.
The photos in this section have been adjusted to try and give the maximum detail available rather than reproducing the original quality.
Click on images below for full size Photo

Turner rebuilt long-block

Engine re-sprayed for a more authentic single-color paint job

Bulkhead lower and upper

Brake backing plates assembled with new steady posts, wheel cylinders & lines

Rebuilt transmission at home in the chassis

Stub axles and brake backing plates installed on the rear axle case. After priming & painting

U-Bolts torqued & trimmed, heavy-duty shocks installed, check (limit) straps on, and new brakes installed

From this to this! Front swivel housings (stub axles and wheel hubs mount to these
New MPH speedo for 7.50x16 tires to replace the KM/H unit for 6.00x16 tires
Pintle hitch broken down and partially cleaned-up Thoroughly cleaned under side of the tub, coated with several layers of 3M rubberized undercoating, then installed new tub supports

Seat box is now all set to go back on the vehicle. The seat rails, sandblasted, primed & painted, then install with all new hardware.

The fuel tanks are now installed, after being blasted, etch-primed & painted

Re-build Story